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parent tech support
Parent Email Registration

If your email account is currently not active, please submit a request to update our parent database using the link below. Please note that you will be asked verification questions that will be reviewed prior to updating our databases. It is recommended that you child assist you in completing this form. Updating our database will enable you to receive tardy notifications, teacher emails, school-wide emails, detention notifications, unsatisfactory progress notifications, etc.

Request Parent Email Update


Accepting Google Guardian Invitations

Google Guardian is a feature by which parents can opt-in to receive daily or weekly summaries of their child's class assignments/announcements. You will receive a Guardian Invitation within 72 hours after your email account has been verified. Only parents/guardians may request this service. If your email is currently registered in our databases, you will automatically receive an invitation. If you have not received an invite, please use the parent email registration tool above. Please review the instructions below for activating your accounts upon receiving an invitation.

This feature requires that parents/guardians have an active Google account.  If you have a Gmail account, the setup will be much easier.  If not, you will have to go through a few additional steps in order to register your email as a Google accountand then activate the service.  For security reasons, you need a Google account to receive summaries from Classroom. You don’t need a Gmail address—you can create a Google account with your current email address.   In other words, registering your email as a Google account does NOT mean that you will now have a separate Gmail account.  Please follow instructions below:

1.       If your email is linked to a Google Account (i.e. accounts or other domains hosted through Google), please click below and follow the Instructions to Accept the Guardian Invitation & setup your summary notification.

2.       If your email is NOT linked to a Google Account (i.e., or a company domain not hosted through Google), please click below and follow the Instructions to Accept the Guardian Invitation, Activate your email as a Google account, & setup your summary notification.


Activating Gradebook Email Alerts

Parents can use the Parent Internet Viewer application to have automated grade, attendance, and discipline alerts sent directly to an email address of their choice. To register for e-mail alerts, log in to the Parent or Student Portal and launch the PIV application. On the Grade Summary page, select the email sign-up link in the left column.

Alert Types:

  1. Automatic "Uexcused Absence" Notification
  2. Standard Attendance Report
  3. Standard Grade Report
  4. Gradebook Report
  5. Automatic Grade Notification

To establish Email Alerts from the Gradebook, please visit the PIV Resources Page. This website will also provide you with instructional videos to help you establish your alerts.


Utilizing Online School Payments (OSP)

Parents can now pay online using any Visa or Mastercard Debit/Credit card. The OSP application can be accessed through the Parent Portal. Parents must have their child's portal account linked to their parent portal account. This link is established by registering your child's PIN number through your parent portal. To obtain a PIN number, parents must visit the school's main office at the Richmond Campus and present a government photo ID. In order to pay for fees/goods/services online, parents will need to use a Visa or Mastercard Debit/Credit card and follow the instructions in the OSP Payment Guide.


Insurance Coverage for Mobile Devices

Parents can now purchase optional insurance coverage plans to provide coverage for district devices that are checked out to our students. Coverage includes accidental damage, cracked scrrens, liquid submersion, theft, vandalism, fire, flood, natural disasters, and power surge by lightning. Policies must be purchased by October 7, 2016. Note that ONLY the tablet and power adapters are covered, not the ruggedized cases, straps, dongles, etc. Parents should review the Insurance Flyer and then visit the Worth Ave. Group Website.