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student attire | uniform policy & dress code rev 04/07/16


All students of BioTECH @ Richmond Heights 9-12 must wear a current school identification card at all times while on school property and at any off-campus function in order to ensure student safety. Students must not alter, deface or allow any other student to be in possession of their ID. The first ID card will be issued early in the school year at no charge.  A replacement ID may be purchased from the Treasurer for a fee of $5.00.  A temporary ID card, good for one school day only, may be purchased for a fee of $1.00, and an extra lanyard may be purchased for $1.00, as needed. Temporary ID’s will only be sold prior to 7:18 am in the Office. The only exception will be for those students receiving an excused tardy to school.  Students in class with no ID will be sent to the office and are subject to disciplinary action. A student must surrender his/her ID badge upon transfer or withdrawal from BioTECH @ Richmond Heights 9-12.


Unacceptable Tops:
Knee length shirts; homemade shirts; oversized shirts; see through tops; bare backs or midriffs; tops that expose the shoulders such as spaghetti straps, tube tops, and tank tops.

Acceptable Bottoms:
Khaki pants
khaki cargo shorts or capris that are at least "finger-tip" length
Blue Jeans

Unacceptable Bottoms:
Leggings, pajama pants, shorts or skirts above the knee, jeggings, basketball/sport shorts, swimwear;
shorts/pants/skirts may not have holes or be excessively loose/tight fitting.

Miscellaneous Unacceptable Attire:
Hats, caps, headgear, and hoods (except those worn for religious purposes); spandex of any type; bedroom slippers; exposed underwear; beepers, radios, headsets, or any other electronic devices; written messages, pictures, or symbols on clothing which portray ideas that are offensive to the health, safety and welfare of students; metal cleats on shoes and clothing.


Polo style shirts with a collar, school logo, and side‐panels are the approved uniform tops.   The uniform shirts may not be altered or modified in any way.  Shirts may not be oversized or tight fitting.  Articles of clothing may not be unbuttoned.  

School logo is required on all shirts. 
Approved colors:  Navy Blue polo w/ orange, blue, or green side panels.

Shirts purchased at other locations may be brought to school listed vendor for application of logo at minimal charge.

BioTECH lab coats are required when working in any of the laboratories.  Lab coats must be white and have the school logo on the left side.  Eye protection must be work at all times when working in the student or research laboratories.

OUTERWEAR (Optional)
Approved cardigans, sweatshirts, sweater and/or jackets must be worn over an approved uniform shirt.  Approved logo is required on all outerwear.
Outerwear may not be utilized as a uniform shirt.