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SolvIT Challenge Live Scoreboard

How Does The Challenge Work?
Students are emailed math questions once a week.  All questions are sent out at 12:00 PM to all students enrolled in Algebra 1, Geometry, or Algebra 2.  You must log in using your BioTECH account to earn credit for your grade-level class.  Points are earned via two different means:
  • 5 points may be earned for each correct answer
  • 0.03 participation point may be earned for taking each quiz
  • Your points earned for each answer will be multiplied by your participation point and added for all students in the grade level.  Therefore, the more students in your grade level that participate, the greater the number of points your class can earn.

At the end of each quarter, the grade level with the greatest amount of points will earn:

  • Spirit Week (no uniforms)
  • An ice cream social
  • The top student will earn a $25 Gift Card
    (in the event of a tie, the winner will be selected at random)


At the end of the year, the top 25 students with the greatest amount of points from the winning grade-level class will earn:

  • BBQ Field Trip to Crandon Park Beach (Sea Grass Adventure)


When Do I Get to Play?
All students in Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 will receive 1 question per week based on the schedule below:

  • Algebra 1 – Emailed to Alg 1 Students on TUESDAYS
  • Algebra 2 – Emailed to Alg 2 Students on WEDNESDAYS
  • Geometry – Emailed to Geo Students on THURSDAYS

How Long Do I Have to Answer?
Students have the duration of the lunch period to answer the questions.  You may work in teams, however, points can only be earned if you log in individually and answer the questions. 

Do I Have To Explain My Answer?
Yes!  If you do not provide an explanation for your answer, you will not receive points.  If you provide bogus explanations, your points will be deducted from the grade-level total and from your individual score.

Where Do The Questions Come From?
These are questions that are tied to the standards you are covering in each quarter.  Therefore, you will have gone over how to answer these types of problems in class prior to seeing them in the SolvIT Challenge. 

Can I Use Any Resources To Solve The Problem?
Of COURSE!  Use your books, each other, teachers, etc.  The only thing we do ask is that you are honest and ACTUALLY attempt the questions.  Remember, this challenge will also help you to build upon your math skills!  If you pay attention in class and do your home learning assignments, you should be able to answer the questions!

Where Can I See The Number of Points?
All points will be available in the live scoreboard that will be displayed on the TV’s in the STEM Center.  The Scores can also be viewed on our school website by clicking on the Curriculum Link on the homepage and then selecting the SolvIT Challenge link from the menu on the right of the Curriculum page.

The scoreboard is LIVE, therefore, as students respond, the scoreboard will change automatically.