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summer algebra 1| 2018
All incoming Algebra 1 students

If you will be taking Algebra 1 next year at BioTECH, it is CRITICAL that you work through the Summer Algebra 1 Readiness Packet this summer:

The Algebra 1 Readiness resources are designed to address and build on the prerequisite skills necessary to be successful in Algebra 1. 

The Algebra 1 Readiness Student Packet will be available on the Student Portal and it consists of sample lessons, practice problems, and an online instructional component through Edgenuity.  Instructions on accessing the Algebra 1 Readiness resources can be found at the following link; Accessing the Student Algebra I Readiness Packet.  In addition, to facilitate the seamless Edgenuity technology component, all current 7th and 8th grade students will have the Edgenuity Algebra I Readiness Course automatically assigned in their portal no later than Monday, May 21, 2018 for interested students.  

To access the Edgenuity FSA-Algebra 1 Readiness Course component, students should follow the directions found at the following link:  Accessing the Edgenuity FSA-Algebra 1 Readiness Resources

The Algebra 1 Readiness Student Packet Answer Key will only be available on the Parent Portal as part of the Algebra 1 Readiness Parent Packet, instructions on accessing the parent packet can be found at Accessing the Parent Algebra I Readiness Packet.

Statewide, the passing rate for the Algebra 1 EOC is approximately 31%!  A passing score on this test is a graduation requirement! 

Parents it is CRITICAL that you monitor your child’s progress through the Readiness Packet on the student portal/parent portal this summer!  We need your cooperation to ensure your child’s success!

The Algebra 1 resources will be available on the Student and Parent portals by May 21, 2018 and the Edgenuity FSA-Algebra 1 Readiness Course will only be available May 21, 2018 through August 15, 2018.