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Articulation Process

The Student Services Department at BioTECH will begin articulating current 9th-11th grade students for the upcoming school year in the month of January. Students will be visited by their counselor during the day and provided with a copy of the subject selection form specific to their grade level.

Parents and students should thoroughly review the graduation requirements for their particular cohort. During the articulation meetings, BioTECH counselors will review all of these requirements and provide students with clarification regarding the types of classes that students should take in order to satify these requirements.

Subject selection forms will require teacher recommendations in order to advance to AP courses.

If subject selection forms are not returned by the due date stipulated by our counselors or are returned incomplete, BioTECH will reserve the right to administratively articulate students in courses that best satisfy the educational needs of each student without prior notification to either the parent or student.

For more information regarding course selection or the articulation process in general, students and parents should contact our BioTECH counselors.

M-DCPS Curriculum Bulletin

The Curriculum Bulletin is produced by M-DCPS's District Office on an annual basis and can be accessed at:

Subject selection is an automated process that takes place during the school day utilizing an application that automatically generates selection criteria, secures teacher recommendations and generates parent verification forms. For questions regarding available courses, students should speak to their counselor.

9th-12th Grade Subject Selection Form (Automated System)