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dual enrollment

The Basics

Dual enrollment is an articulated acceleration mechanism open to eligible secondary students in Florida public schools. To enroll in dual enrollment academic courses, students must demonstrate a readiness to successfully complete college level course work and have attained a qualifying grade point average. In order to determine the high school equivalency and the high school credit awarded for postsecondary courses completed through dual enrollment, please refer to the most current Dual Enrollment Course – High School Subject Area Equivalency. The district must weigh college-level dual enrollment courses the same as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced International Certification of Education courses when grade point averages are calculated.

Requirements to take Dual Enrollment Courses:

• Requires a 3.00 unweighted High School Grade Point Average (GPA) to participate in all courses, with the exception of SLS courses in which a 2.5 weighted high school GPA is required..

• Requires completion of all college or university admission requirements, including passing a placement test if required.

• Requires approval from parent/guardian, counselor and principal. The school is under no obligation to accept credit without it.

• Grades for the courses will be posted on high school transcript independently of student's choice.

• The course fee is waived by the college/university, and the District pays for the required books/materials.

• Transportation to and from the college/university is the student's responsibility.

• Required return of all college textbooks issued or else the student will be financially responsible to the high school.

  CHM 1025 &
BSC 2426
CHM 1045 & beyond; All Biology courses

Dual Enrollment | MDC Application & Resources:
MDC Dual Enrollment Website
Application for Admission
Dual Enrollment Program Form
Steps to becoming Dual Enrolled @ MDC & BioTECH
Dual Enrollment High School Checklist
MDC Dual Enrollment Presentation

PERT Testing Information:
Free Exam Prep
Exam Study Guide
Exam Fees & Testing Times/Locations
Exam Referral Form (Must be signed by Counselor or Admin)

Academic Program Pathways & Program Sheets/Requirements:
ALL Associate Programs of Study

Chemistry (also for Pre-Med & Pre-Vet)
Chemistry AA Required Courses
Chemistry Courses @ MDC

Biology (also for Pre-Med & Pre-Vet)
Biology AA Required Courses
Biology Courses @ MDC

AP Coursework Equivalencies @ BioTECH:
You should not take these courses if you plan on taking the AP Exam and passing.
You cannot earn credit twice for the same college course.

BioTECH AP Courses & Equivalencies
AP Course Equivalencies (FLDOE)

Approved Dual Enrollment Courses:
FLDOE Approved Courses