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district-developed end-of-course assessments
  • Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, Florida Statute 1008.22(4) requires that student progress be assessed in all courses offered in Florida public schools. 

    • Based on current direction from the FLDOE, student results will be used as part of the teacher evaluation system.

  • The attached file, Course List with Assessment, lists each course and the assessment designated for that course.

    • For courses in which an existing national, state, or other standardized assessment exists, schools will follow the appropriate testing window and procedures.

      • These include courses covered by FCAT, FSA, FAA, Florida EOCs, SAT-10, AP, IB, AICE, ICE (includes NAF and DCF), and PERT.

    • The District will be constructing District-Designated EOCs (DDEOC) for courses with existing item banks.

      • Test development is planned for all courses listed on the attached file as “DDEOC”, but is pending the release of all state-provided item banks.

      • The DDEOC assessments will be administered during the testing window published on the District testing calendar.

      • They are designed to be computer-based assessment; however, schools will have the option of printing test forms and bubble sheets to scan/score student responses via Thinkgate.

      • A Program Guide will be provided with administration procedures to be followed for the DDEOCs.

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