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blended-learning communities (blc labs)

The Basics

Blended Learning Communities are offered to all students who are required to have an on-line class to meet the new graduation requirements. Students may register to take one of a variety of courses that are offered through FLVS (Florida Virtual School). These courses are taken during the instructional day in a computer lab setting, taking up one of the eight courses in a child's annual schedule. Students are automatically registered into the course of their choice by the school for both segments (semesters).

Students must keep in mind that there are strict deadlines by which course segments (semesters) must be completed in order to earn credit. If a student fails to complete a course by the required deadline, he/she will be withdrawn from the course on FLVS and will earn an "F" final grade for the half-credit segment course.

Additionally, FLVS policies prohibits students from moving into segment two of any course without first completing segment one. Therefore, it is imperative that students adhere to the course deadlines.

For more information regarding BLC courses, please contact the school and request to speak to the on-campus BLC Course Facilitator.