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final grade calculation

Grade Values for Annual and Semester Courses for Secondary Schools

The procedures for calculating grades for students in grades 6-12 have changed with the elimination of final and midterm examinations. For annual courses, each nine-week grading period will have a 25% value (weight) and for semester courses each nine-week grading period will have a 50% value (weight).  Teachers may administer an assessment at the end of each nine-week grading period. The assessment may not exceed 5% of the nine-week grade for annual courses or 10% of the nine-week grade for semester courses.  The provision for teacher override is applicable to both semester and annual courses. 

Academic grades for students are based on a 4 point scale.  Grade points will be determined for annual courses by multiplying each nine-week grade by 2.5, adding the grades for the four nine-weeks, and dividing this sum by 10.  For semester courses, grade points are determined by multiplying each nine week grade by 5, adding the  two-nine week grades, and dividing this sum by 10.  This will determine how students earn points when applying the rule of earning 10 grade points to pass a course for grades 6-12. For students in grades 9-12, five points (“five point rule”) must be earned in the second semester to pass an annual course.    For students in grades 6-8, the “five point rule” does not apply. 

Grade Earned

Annual Courses – 
multiply by 2.5
 to earn:

Semester Courses – multiply by 5 to earn:

A = 4 points

10 points

20 points

B = 3 points

  7.5 points

15 points

C = 2 points

5 points

10 points

D = 1 point

  2.5 points

5 points

F = 0 points

 0 points

0 points

NOTICE: This formula will not apply for courses with End of Course exams**.

After dividing your total score by 10, you will obtain a decimal between the values of 0.0 to 4.0. 

3.50-4.00  | Final Grade = A
2.50-3.49 | Final Grade = B
1.50-2.49 | Final Grade = C
1.00-1.49 | Final Grade = D
0.00-0.99 | Final Grade = F